I want to go over some important information that you need to know. This is like all those annoying radio ads that end with reallyfasttalkingaboutXYZisaregisteredwhateverproviderandT’sandC’sapply.

I am NOT a financial advisor

None of this is intended to be advice, as per the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of 2002. Everything I write about here is purely for informative purposes. If you need help with your specific financial situation, please contact a legit financial advisor.

Accuracy of website information

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  • While I try to provide accurate information myself, mistakes happen. With the amount of sleep deprivation going on under this roof, human error is virtually guaranteed. If you spot an error, please let me know about it through the contact page.
  • Information that was accurate at the time of publishing may have subsequently been updated. It is important that you do you own research before following any financial course of action.

Sponsorship and affiliations

I am NOT sponsored, supported by, or an affiliate of any financial institution. I am not trying to sell anyone any kind of service or product. If I have a recommendation, it will only be because I have had a good experience with someone or something. That said, I have had many good experiences with my husband but I do not recommend him to anyone else, because finders-keepers.


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